Juvenile Offenses

10a. Juveniles can be charged and tried with many offenses that, if not handled properly, could have negative consequences that follow them through the rest of their lives.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help your child get the legal defense he or she needs. Matthew L. Norwood is an experienced juvenile defender. He knows the differences between the adult system and the juvenile system and has successfully defended clients against juvenile offenses.

The most common charges juveniles face include truancy, theft, assault, and Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP). Juveniles may also face sexual crime charges. These are some of the most serious charges a youth can face and the consequences will have far reaching effects through much of their adult lives. A juvenile convicted of a sex crime will have his or her name added to the sex offender registry at the age of 18, and it can stay there for up to 25 years. This will automatically disqualify juveniles from certain jobs and may expose them to harassment for the rest of their lives.

10b. Even though juveniles can be charged and tried for many of the same crimes that adults face, juvenile courts are very different from the adult court system. A criminal defense attorney with experience and skill navigating the juvenile court system is essential to protect the juvenile’s future from being permanently damaged from a mistake made in youth. Matthew L. Norwood has experience in the juvenile system, and can help you and your child get through the legal process.

Today’s youth most often faces charges relating to truancy, assault, and theft. Attorney Norwood has successfully represented cases like these, and has been successful in having charges reduced or dismissed, as well as negotiate community service and probation in lieu of jail or detention centers.


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