Is your criminal record holding you back? A conviction for a crime you did years ago can act like a weight you may not need to drag around anymore.

In today’s competitive employment field, getting a job or a promotion is harder than ever. A conviction for a crime that you committed years ago may unfortunately close doors and cut off opportunities to you. An expungement of your past mistake can help you stay competitive. In some cases a criminal record can keep you from government benefits. Contact Attorney Matthew L. Norwood to help you erase those past mistakes and keep you moving forward.

Expunging your criminal record means that your prior conviction for a felony or misdemeanor is set aside. If you have a conviction expunged, you are considered not to have been convicted for most purposes. You could legally tell employers that you have no criminal record. An expunged conviction should not show on a background check.

Both adult convictions and juvenile adjudications for misdemeanors and felonies may be expunged. However, an individual must meet specific requirements to be eligible for an expungement under MCL 780.621. 

- You may only get an expungement if the conviction you are trying to expunge is the only conviction on your record. In certain circumstances there may be a possibility to get a prior conviction set aside so the only conviction remaining will be the crime we are attempting to expunge. Contact our office to discuss this possibility.

-You can not get a felony or attempted felony expunged if that felony is punishable by life in prison.

-You can not get a conviction for criminal sexual conduct expunged.

-You can not get a conviction that is reportable to the secretary of state or a traffic offense expunged. This means drunk driving or impaired driving can not be expunged.

-You must wait five years from the date of your sentencing to apply for an expungement.

-If you were imprisoned you must wait five years from your release from incarceration to apply.

Call me at 810.235.4639 if you meet the requirements to get your conviction expunged and your life back on track.


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