Revoked Driver's License

1A. If you plead guilty or are found guilty of driving under the influence in Michigan, your license can be revoked by the state. With the termination of your operator’s license, you lose the privilege to operate a motor vehicle.
Once your license is revoked, it takes a year before you can try to get it back. If you have had your license revoked more than once in 7 years, it can take 5 years. But your license doesn’t automatically come back when the terms of your revoked license ends. Instead, you must reapply for your license to be restored through the Secretary of State Driver’s License Appeal Division (DLAD).

Many people have difficulty getting their licenses back after being revoked. But chances of restoring your driver’s license can be greatly improved with the help of a skilled lawyer who has daily experience helping individuals get their licenses back. The state’s main concern is to ensure that drivers on the road are safe, and it is tantamount that you be able to prove you are a safe sober driver at a hearing. This can involve testimony, character witnesses, and documentary evidence. Matthew L. Norwood has experience and is knowledgeable about what types of evidence and testimony the court is most likely to accept and will be the most helpful in your case.

1b. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the most serious charges in the state of Michigan. Pleading guilty or being convicted of two or more alcohol or drug related driving offenses in a time frame requires an automatic revocation of your Michigan driver’s license. A driver’s license can be revoked for a year if an individual has had two alcohol or drug related driving offenses within 7 years. Further, an individual’s license will be revoked for 5 years if they have had three alcohol or drug related driving offenses within 10 years.
To get your driver’s license reinstated, you will have to go through a hearing process with the state department. The hearing can involve testimony, character witnesses, and many other complicated issues that can factor into your unique case. Getting your license back can be difficult. Michigan courts have a high rate of denial. A skilled attorney can improve your chances by preparing your case to properly answer the courts’ inquiries. Matthew L. Norwood has experience fighting for clients’ rights and he can help you navigate through the complicated, bureaucratic court process. He will be able to gather the right evidence and character testimony to fit your case.

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